Here's just a small sampling of the testimonials from teachers, counselors, and administrators about the authentic effectiveness of Jim Place Services.


"Staff, I sent out an email a few weeks ago asking if anyone had taken workshops or classes with Jim Place. I had an overwhelming response from staff who had, and loved them, so I went for it. I'm not typically too keen on taking Saturday classes, but let me say, I was AMAZED! His workshop was info-packed, well presented and truly valuable! I have already implemented several ideas from that day. I have spent time reflecting on myself and my teaching and I feel a bit rejuvenated! If you have the opportunity to take a workshop/seminar/class with him, DO IT! You will not regret it! I plan to take every one he offers! Thanks to all that responded and led me to taking this class...I am different because of the time I spent there! I would love to see him come to MMS and do some character training if we can get it set up. I believe that is the future to reaching our students!" - Steph