Each course offered is a graduate level class and accredited by the University of Dayton.  Students can earn up to three graduate credits in each class while learning unique ways to implement character education into their classrooms, offices, sports teams or extra-curricular activities.

CLass 1

Developing and improving attitude and character: a vital key to student success

This course is designed for all educators and will stress the implementation of the “Character Card” system, a proven method for improving the attitude and character of students. This hands-on class will challenge participants to develop their own plans for character development. 

class 2

developing and implementing a character education program for a public school system: successes and challenges

In 2010, Hamilton City Schools won the Ohio School Character Award. Jim Place will use this program as a way of challenging participants to develop a character program to fit their own situations.


class 3

character education: best practices

Six classroom teachers will share their proven methods for improving the attitude and character of students. At times, the class will split into elementary, middle school, and secondary groups. This hands-on class will challenge participants to develop their own plans for character development.

class 4

character education: the key to success in today's world

This class features speakers who will share their ideas on how to prepare successful future employees. This hands-on class will challenge participants to develop their own plans for character development.

class 5

passion as an educator through character education

This class will focus on the factors effecting educator burnout and how character education can bring you back to the real reason you became an educator.

class 6

character education: positive strategies to decrease bullying

This class focuses on strategies and plans that have successfully worked in various districts throughout the state of Ohio to build a more positive school climate and decrease bullying.  

class 7

reaching and teaching students from low economic backgrounds

The goal of this class is to provide participants with tools to help close the inequity gap between students in the classroom, namely those from low economic backgrounds. In order to address the needs of this population, class participants will discover programs and strategies to implement into their classrooms. 

class 8

character building through service learning

This class focuses on implementing service learning practices in the K-12 classroom. Participants will analyze the K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice and will develop a plan for incorporating a service lesson in their classrooms or schools.

class 9

best practices II

The class's format will be more of a conference allowing participants to choose sessions on a variety of educational topics.  The goal of this class is to gain knowledge and new ideas for your classroom on topics such as technology, classroom management, RTI, and curriculum. 

class 10

character education: teacher to teacher

The impetus for creating this class is all the wonderful strategies that past students in Jim Place classes have described in their assignment papers. The guest presenters in this class have taken a Jim Place Services Class and will present a character or community service activity that they use in their class or present a lesson that incorporates character.

Class 11

Digital Citizenship

In this workshop we will discuss how technology (phones/screens, games, social media and more!) is affecting our students and how you can help students use technology in positive, ethical, smart and safe ways. We will review the nine elements of digital citizenship, current laws, research and best practices. Time will be given to plan ways these topics can be incorporated into your existing curriculum. Our focus will be on teaching students to proactively create their own positive digital footprints – to respect, educate and protect themselves and others. The primary presenter is Janet Place